Pedigree British Bulldogs

We breed the finest British Bulldogs using carefully selected parents.

Our puppies are bred using quality "brood bitches" in their prime, our "studs" are strong, healthy males.


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Becabulls Bullies

We know what a big decision buying a Bulldog is...

Buying any pet is a big decision, it's the responsibility we learn as children when our parents finally let us have our first pet...and it stays with us for life.

Buying a dog is a big deal, especially a Bulldog. They are amazing dogs and I absolutely live and breathe them, they are my life...literally!

Rest assured we take great pride in our dogs and our breeding programmes are very thorough and the bloodlines we use are researched to ensure we produce nothing but healthy, strong and stunning Bullies.

A friend for life!

British Bulldogs


Quality Mummies

Our brood bitches are loved, adored and a part of our family.


Premium Studs

Becabulls use quality tested studs for breeding.


Gorgeous Puppies

Our puppies are registered and vaccinated before collection.


The only bully you will ever love.

Becabulls offer help & advice before, during & after you purchase.

We pride ourselves on our reputation.

Proud to produce beautiful puppies

The rest is up to you

  • We breed healthy, happy British Bulldogs, we have lived with Bulldogs for years and our experience speaks for itself by the many happy owners of our dogs. My advice is look at the parents, speak with the breeders, if you feel confident in what you see and hear then make your mind up.



Vet checked & ready to go home

Our puppies are registered & vaccinated

You're not just paying for a puppy, our litters are vet checked, vaccinated and registered with the Kennel Club before you take them home.

Preparing Your Puppy For Life

Making sure your puppy is healthy and has the best start in life is vital.

  • Your puppy has a full health check from our vet
  • Your puppy will have its first vaccination
  • Your puppy will be Kennel Club registered for you
Here to help

Have a question?

We are genuinely here to help you, answer your questions and provide any information you require. Our dogs are health checked and most information you need is on our website but we are more than happy to talk.

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